Card mạng server 4 Port LAN Gigabits Winyao WYI350-T4

Card mạng server 4 Port LAN Gigabits. Giao tiếp PCI-E 4x, sử dụng cho máy server, máy server game


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Card mạng server 4 Port LAN Gigabits Winyao WYI350-T4

Winyao WYI350-T4 is based on intel I350AM4 Gigabit Ethernet Controller。Is PCI-Express X4 network interface card that contains  Quad Gigabit RJ45 ports on a PCI-Express adapter.
Performance Features:
8 Transmit and 8 Receive queues per port.
Up to 8 queues of Receive Side Scaling (RSS) minimize CPU utilization across multiple processor systems
Support PCI-SIG Single-Root I/O virtualization Rev 1.1.
Support for up to 8 virtual function ( VFs)
Partial replication of PCI Configuration space
Support for 8 pools (single queue) of virtual machine Device Queues (VMDq) per port
Support Direct Cache Access (DCA).
Support Intel I/O Acceleration Technology v3.0.
TSO interleaving for reduced latency
Minimized device I/O interrupts using MSI and MSI-X
UDP, TCP and IP checksum offload
UDP and TCP transmit segmentation offload (TSO). machine
SCTP receive and transmit checksum offload.
Packet interrupt coalescing timers (packet timers) and absolute-delay interrupt timers for both transmit and receive operation.
EEE (IEEE 802.3az) for reduced power consumption during low link utilization periods.
Copper Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T:
Independently copper Gigabit Ethernet channels support four Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T), Fast Ethernet (100Base-Tx) and Ethernet (10Base-T).
Triple speed 1000Mbps (1000Base-T), 100 Mbps (100Base-Tx) and 10 Mbps (100Base-T) operation.
Nway auto negotiation automatic sensing and switching between 1Gbps full duplex and 100 / 10 Mbps operations Simplex or Full Duplex.
RJ-45 female connectors
Common Key features:
Support PCI Express Base Specification 2.1 (5 GTs)
High performance, reliability, and low power use in Intel i350 Quad integrated MAC + PHY and SERDES chip Controllers.
Ultra deep, packet buffer per channel lowers CPU utilization.
Hardware acceleration that can offload tasks from the host processor. The Controllers can offload TCP/UDP/IP checksum calculations and TCP segmentation.
Server class reliability, availability and performance features:
Link Aggregation and Load Balancing
Priority queuing – 802.1p layer 2 priority encoding
Virtual LANs –802.1q VLAN tagging.
Jumbo Frame (9.5KB)
802.x flow control.
Multicast/ broadcast Packet replication
Supports Vital Product Data (VPD)
LEDs indicators for link/Activity/Speed status
OS: Win xp,Linux,Win 2000,Win 2008,Win vista,Win7 32,Win7 64,Win8 32,Win8 64,Mac OS X

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